Frequently Asked Questions | Nashville Hot Tub Rentals

Here you'll find some frequently asked questions about the hot tubs, your property's requirements, and the rental experience.
  • Are the hot tub sanitized between rentals?
    Absolutely! Keeping our hot tubs clean and sanitized is one of our top priorities. We run a concentrated sanitizer through the system after each rental period killing bacteria and any biofilm. After we dispose of the water, we then hand wash the inside and outside of the tub with Simple Green and a food safe sanitation solution that kills bacteria and viruses. We also make sure the water is clean and sanitized before we leave.

    How long does it take to setup the hot tub? 
    Setup generally takes 1.5 to 2 hours. The bulk of the setup time is waiting for the water to fill the hot tub.  At this time, the tub takes around 24hrs to get up to maximum temperature, so we will aim to deliver the tub 1 day prior to your rental period starting.

    How do you dispose of the water?
    We use a pump and hose to drain the hot tub. Hot tub water is not as chlorinated as pool water making it safe enough to drain in the yard, but it may not best for your roses. We stay away from draining it into the streets so it stays out of sewers, creeks, and rivers.

    What happens if I damage the hot tub?
    Renters are responsible for any damage sustained to our equipment during their rental period; including damage sustained by a guest or pet.

    Can I request an indoors setup?

    While it technically can happen, we don't recommend an indoors setup.

    Can I use my own bubbles, bath bombs, or epsom salts?

    No! The use of personal bubbles and salts etc. can damage the spa liner and motor. Any and all use of personal additives is prohibited.

    Can I extend my reservation?
    Absolutely! As long as we have availability and receive sufficient notice before your rental agreement expires.

  • Are the hot tubs inflatable? 

    Nope. Many people think the only way we can easily move the hot tubs is if they were inflatable. Instead, we utilize a Softub high-density foam hot tub. Softub Spas has been an industry leader for nearly 40 years. The hot tubs are incredibly comfortable and energy efficient as a result.

    How big are the hot tubs?

    We currently use the Portico Softub model, which requires a 6.5 ft clearance. Plus, these hot tubs can weigh approximately 2,700 pounds when filled with water. 

    Does this hot tub have jets?

    Yes. Our hot tubs have jets. They also have led lights.

    What is the max temperature?

    Our hot tubs can reach a max temperature of 104°F, which is accordance to industry standards and legal limits.

    How long does it take to heat the hot tub?

    Currently it takes around 24hrs to get up to temperature.  We are working a system that utilizes a custom made portable, tankless water heater system. This effort in the future will allow for the hot tub to be at temperature the same day as delivery.

    How clean and sanitized is the water?

    Very. We initially treat your the water with small amounts of granular chlorine (think 2 tablespoons). After that, we use a mineral purifier and sanitation ball, which destroys bacteria in the hot tub. We also sanitize the hot tub after each rental and agin before we deliver it. 

  • Do I need to provide any chemicals?

    No, we provide all the chemicals you need to keep your water clean during your rental period.

    Do I need a special power outlet?

    Nope! Another unique feature of the Softub brand of hot tubs is they plug into a standard 120 volt/15 amp 3-prong outlet. It doesn't even have to be grounded, as that feature is built-in to the hot tub.

    Where can you set them up?

    You'll need to pick a "flat-ish" location that can handle the size and weigh of the hot tub. Additionally, we'll need to be within 35 feet of an electrical outlet and 100 feet of water. It can include a deck, patio, driveway, garage, grass, gravel yard.

    Will my electric bill increase while I am renting?

    Not significantly. The hot tub motor uses about 4 kWh of electricity per day (assuming average air temperature of 65°F). At KUB's electrical rate of 11¢ kWh, you can expect your electric cost for a 3-day rental to be about $1.30.

    Do I need to provide water?

    Yes, we will need access to water typically within 100 feet of the hot tub placement. Please let us know if you have a soft water system.

    If I provide water, is it expensive?

    Excluding your water utilities base rate and using some of the areas most expensive rates, you can expect to pay about $3 to fill the Portico hot tub.

  • What temperature is safe for kids?
    According to the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance and the CDC, children 5 years or younger are not recommended to use a hot tub with temperatures above 98°F. Additionally, if you permit children to use the hot tub it MUST be done under adult supervision at ALL TIMES.

    How long can I safely stay in the hot tub?
    According to the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance and the CDC, a maximum soak time of 15 minutes is recommended when the water temperature is above 98°F. You should leave the hot tub if you feel dizzy, lightheaded, or faint at any time while in the hot tub. Finally, it is recommended to stay hydrated. while using the hot tub.

    Can I use the hot tub if I am pregnant?
    According to the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance and the CDC, women who are pregnant, or suspected of being pregnant, should consult their physician before using a hot tub. Generally speaking, it is not recommended that pregnant women use a hot tub, particularly with water above 98°F. 

    Can I keep kids out when I am not using it?

    Yes. Each hot tub has a lid that locks to the hot tub and can only be opened with a code. 

    Do I need to sign a liability waiver?

    Yes. The lessee of our hot tub and equipment will sign a liability waiver and rental agreement. The signatory is responsible for any damage sustained to our equipment during your rental term and releases Nashville Hot Tub Rental LLC from any liability should an injury occur to themselves or any guest or user during their rental term.